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For more information about the groundbreaking lawsuit that WILL end the so-called war on drugs, visit our website at Please consider donating and/or sharing your story with us as we volunteer our time, energy, and resources without any compensation, for the benefit of all - to free our fellow humans from one of the most significant mind control and slavery systems in current existence.

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Update to Murphey v. U.S. et al.:

On January 25, 2023, I filed an amended complaint which added, among other things, the FDA and HHS as defendants and a powerful First Amendment Claim. I am extremely excited to have found a way to add the FDA, as many of us know they play a large role in approving many of the deadly, toxic, and addictive pharmaceutical drugs currently scheduled as legal and prescribed under the CSA. They do so while readily accepting billions of dollars from these same pharmaceutical companies. There is so much more I could discuss, but for now, I wanted to provide the amended complaint for your reading pleasure.

Thank to all who have supported this cause. The success of this lawsuit that will free millions of people from the mind control and slavery system that is the so-called War on Drugs depends largely on support by the masses. The so-called War on Drugs affects every family in the U.S. and beyond. If you or a loved one has ever gone to the doctor and been prescribed a controlled substance - this affects you. If you are a loved one has ever been put in jail or prison for simple possession of a controlled substance - this affects you. The harm this all has caused is vast. We all need to stand up and make our voices heard. Together we will win this!

Murphey v. U.S. First Amended Complaint Filed 1.25.23
Download PDF • 552KB

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Updated: Nov 3, 2022

On July 21, 2022 I filed the biggest lawsuit to date against the U.S. and other defendants to declare the Controlled Substances Act unconstitutional in an attempt to end the so-called War on Drugs. The CSA is one of the deadliest and most harmful laws in U.S. history. The deadly War on Drugs is really a war on people, minds, free-thinking, informed consent, and much more. The lawsuit seeks to create transparency in pharmaceuticals and end the criminalization of personal choice. This effort will take an entire community. All support is greatly appreciated and will help millions of people.

I hope you read it and support this cause that will help millions of people. I also created a YouTube channel with some information and through which I ask for support and legal help.

I cannot do this without your support!

If you are a legal professional, have read the lawsuit, are passionate about this and want to join my team, PLEASE contact me. I will need the help.

Murphey v. U.S.
Download PDF • 510KB

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