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Soul to Soul Services, LLC

Addiction Recovery Support & Guidance

About Me

Jennifer Murphey

I have over 20 years experience between my personal and professional life of working with and caring for those with addiction and mental conditions, as well as the families of those individuals. 


I have always been fascinated by the inner workings of the human mind and thoroughly enjoy observing, learning about and connecting with other souls. Addicts in recovery and those with mental health conditions are the most courageous and intellectual people I have ever met.  They have gone deep within themselves to get to where they are and those are the type of minds of I love connecting with.


I am highly intuitive and have a personal gift of seeing the unique gifts that others possess and who they were meant to be in this lifetime. My passion and goal is to learn your personal gifts and increase your awareness of those, so you can develop the confidence you need to be the amazing soul you truly are! 

I am also an attorney, licensed in Arizona, with experience in mental health, disability, and elder law. As a result, I have in depth knowledge of the resources available to you and the skill to navigate the complex systems related to those.  I will essentially serve as your independent case manager and soul consultant.

If you are ready to connect soul to soul, identify and cultivate your unique gifts, and move past any barriers, please contact me to schedule a consultation.


Recovery Support Services

Walking the path of recovery is one of the most courageous journeys we take as humans. Sometimes that journey is derailed when we must move our focus to concerns such as bills, employment, housing and healthcare. My goal is to walk with you, Soul to Soul, and alleviate some of those burdens so you can focus on YOUR recovery. Although only you can heal yourself, we are a collective conscious - your healing is my healing and mine is yours.​

I only work with those who are committed to recovery and awakening their soul to become the person they were meant to be in this lifetime.  I will not do all the work for you as that will not help you on your path. Instead, I will work with you to develop a recovery support plan specific to your needs and circumstances and assist you in fulfilling that plan. I will help you learn the skills and find the confidence in yourself needed to manage your life, so it is not overwhelming.

As a licensed attorney and professional with several years experience in the addiction, mental health and social services fields, I will work with you to identify obstacles and manage anything that can aide in your recovery. The services provided vary person-to person, but often include some or all of the following:

  • Obtaining health insurance and other public benefits

  • Financial plan to manage bills and debt

  • Debt negotiations

  • Obtaining employment

  • Obtaining housing

  • Powers of attorney

  • Post conviction relief 

  • Guardianship/Conservatorship guidance

  • General guidance, confidence strengthening and soul support

  • Connect you to resources that are beyond my scope of services

  • Anything else you might need 

If you are ready to embark on your path, please contact me using the form on the Contact tab or below.

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Chandler, AZ

DISCLAIMER:  Visiting or communicating with Soul to Soul Services, LLC via this website or by email does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Communications from non-clients via this website are not subject to client confidentiality or attorney-client privilege. Further, the information contained in this website is offered as general guidance only and is not to be relied upon as specific legal advice. 

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